HypeXchange is an Australian sneaker marketplace, providing a platform for sneaker exchange and assisting in the continual growth of the Australian sneaker market.


Buy and sell all sneakers new and used, from hyped sneakers to classic vintage.


All sneakers are processed through HypeXchange’s authentication station to ensure legitimacy via our authentication process, taking the stress, overpriced shipping and fees out of buying sneakers in Australia.



HypeXchange aims to create a sneaker platform Australians can visit and depend on, providing a secure way to buy and sell sneakers with ease and flexibility to fellow Aussies, without the extreme shipping and import fees


    1. Sell with flexibility, at your own price, in your own home with the ability to delete the listing when you want, without the need to pay for shipping back to you (unlike consignment).
    2. Sell securely and safely knowing you will receive payment upon processing and confirmation of sale (unlike Facebook and in person deals).
    3. Cart feature allows for bulk purchases.
    4. Buy and sell locally.



    1. Pay postage price tailored to your location, not the extreme $45+ overseas shipping plus import fees.
    2. Quicker delivery, all items sold and shipped within Australia rather than from overseas.
    3. Rest assured knowing your item is 100% authentic, going through rigorous legit testing according to our procedures and processes, using many different methods and tools as well as our experience and insight.
    4. Buy easily and securely from one place, gone are the days of tiring Facebook deals with negotiating and potential of receiving fakes or taking your money.
    5. Our bid system allows you to pay only a price you are happy to pay unlike consignment stores which are fixed price only.



Each sale/purchase is automatically entered into the “dashboard” data (also ability to manually enter your information) providing a platform for information and statistics regarding your sneaker portfolio such as profit, sales, prices, brands and so on.



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