Definitions and Conditions


“Deadstock” is a new, authentic and unworn pair of sneakers. Deadstock sneakers include original items such as the box with original labels, and accessories (e.g. spare laces) if applicable.

Deadstock/New sneakers may have slight imperfections or flaws through the manufacturing process such as excess glue or random markings; however, they may still be considered new or deadstock.

The lacing may be undone or disassembled and still be considered new .

Deadstock means the original box is included and meet required specifications; however, the original box may possess slight tears and damage from retailer or transit handling. If the box possesses more than a few minor dents and tears then it must be listed as “used” and specified when listing your sneaker; doing so will ensure seller-buyer transparency and avoid a decline of the sale.

In addition, aged sneakers that may have structural decay or ‘yellowing’ of the white/transparent areas of the shoe may still be classified as new/deadstock. Purchasing said shoes are at the buyer’s discretion.


When selling a new or ‘deadstock’ sneaker, please refer to our definition. When buying a deadstock sneaker, please note sneakers may pass this inspection despite being unlaced, ‘tried on’ (with no evidence of this), and/or having uncontrollable and negligible manufacturing flaws As stated, a deadstock sneaker must be accompanied by its original box, which may contain flaws from transit or visible aging. Original boxes with slight damage such as dents and minor tears are accepted; however, non-original boxes, or boxes with major rips and tears will be rejected; unless specified by the buyer that the box is ‘used’, whilst also further describing its condition.

  • Disclaimer: please note, we are not liable for discolouration or decay in quality associated with ageing. Older sneakers may become slightly yellow (especially pertinent with white or translucent material) or become structurally compromised and less durable; the buyer as an entity is solely liable for any further outcomes associated with wearing the sneakers.

Seller FAQ

HypeXchange expends great effort ensuring that both buyers and sellers are operating in a safe environment. For this outcome to be possible, federal and state laws require HypeXchange to obtain each seller’s full name, date of birth and home address. This information must only be entered once and should be entered as it appears on a government issued identification, such as a driver’s license or passport.

All personal information entered on the HypeXchange database is secure and only used for processing of orders and account-related matters.

By submitting your information, you therefore agree to our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. For any questions or queries, please contact us at https://hypexchange.com.au/contact-us/.

HypeXchange reserves the right to suspend sellers who:

  • Repeatedly repeat to try to sell inauthentic items
  • Operate more than one seller account.
  • Fail to follow shipping instructions
  • Send incorrect items

If you feel your seller account was cancelled or suspended by mistake, please contact us at https://hypexchange.com.au/contact-us/.

How to Sell on HypeXchange

To sell on HypeXchange, you must first create a registered user account. This can be achieved through the login icon at the top of the site and signing up. Alternatively, you can click on ‘register now’ on the video slider located on the main page of the HypeXchange site.

You must enter your personal details as displayed on forms of identifications (e.g drivers license, passport), your phone number, and enter a password.

Once you have successfully created an account, it is essential that you enter your bank account details, as these details are integral to paying fees during the selling process. To do so, go to ‘Bank Details”’ under the profile drop down menu and complete your details.

Commission Fee

All prices and fees are listed in AUD, unless otherwise stated.

HypeXchange does not charge any fee for having a registered user account, only when an item listed on HypeXchange sells will a commission fee be charged. The commission fee is 0% of the sale price for all sellers. When the buyer purchases the item(s), the money goes to HypeXchange temporarily. HypeXchange then authenticates and processes the item(s) and sends it to the buyer, where the money is released to the seller’s bank account via direct bank transfer; minus the 0% seller commission fee.

Why has my sale been rejected?

Your sale may be rejected due to your sneakers:

  • Being deemed inauthentic
  • Not meeting the specifications of sale (e.g. sold as ‘new’ whilst missing the original box)
  • Containing overwhelming, unusual and/or undesired odours (cigarettes, bin waste)
  • As a consequence of a previous breach of Terms and Conditions actions against you and your account(s), as outlined in the Terms and Conditions.

Why do I have to send my items to HypeXchange?

An integral part of HypeXchange and our platform/service is authentication of every item that is processed utilising our site. Our process ensures customers receive exactly what they ordered, to the exact specifications of the sale. For this to occur, sellers are required to send their ‘sold’ items to HypeXchange for processing and authentication, as outlined in the sale confirmation email sent to sellers in the event of their item(s) being purchased. You must package and send the item(s) required as per our Seller Instructions (https://hypexchange.com.au/seller-instructions/)  and associated FAQ’s.

Once the sale item(s) have been authenticated by our experienced and knowledgeable team, it will be re-packaged, processed, and sent to the buyer. Simultaneously the seller will be paid their respective earnings from the sale, which equates to the final sale price minus HypeXchange’s 10% appraisal fee for the use of service to authenticate and complete the sale.

What happens if my items are found to be fake?

If items sent to HypeXchange are deemed inauthentic or not to the specification of the sale, in our sole and reasonable discretion, the buyer will either be refunded the full amount they paid, or preferably we will mediate the process of locating another seller to fulfil their purchase. In regard to actions against the seller who failed to meet the requirements of the sale, the seller will have the option to either; have the items sent back to them at their expense, or have the items disposed of by us. If the Seller chooses to have the item(s) sent back to them, an invoice will be received via email. If the Seller does not respond within 14 business days of receiving the notice stating the items are inauthentic or not to specifications, or they do not fulfill the shipping invoice, then we will dispose of the items at our reasonable discretion.

Goods and Services tax (GST)

Goods and Services Tax may be payable for the sales you make on HypeXchange. If you are unsure if this applies to your account, contact the Australian Tax Office (ATO) or seek professional advice about your tax obligations.

If you are required to charge GST on your items:

The prices of your listing on HypeXchange must include GST, when applicable. You cannot add GST to the final price of an item once it has been bought. You are responsible for paying that GST in accordance with the appropriate laws and regulations if required.

Sharing Seller Accounts

Users must not share seller accounts and each seller must only create one account, if such activity is found to be occurring, HypeXchange reserves the right to suspend the accounts and persons involved.

How to List Items

First you must create a registered user account. Then click on the profile drop down and select ‘Sell Sneakers’. Subsequently, list your sneakers by searching for your item(s), then fill in the required fields such as new or used, starting bid, buy now price, bid increments; and if the item is ‘used’ fulfill the required photos and missing items.

Alternatively, you may search an item in the search bar and select it, then select “sell this shoe” and proceed.

How to Manage Listings

To manage your listings, simply login, click the profile drop down button and select ‘active listings’. From here you can view your active listings, which have sold and the number of views, as well as delete your listing(s) (if it has not been purchased).

What’s Considered New/Deadstock? 

“Deadstock” is a new, authentic and unworn pair of sneakers. Deadstock sneakers have all the original items such as the box with original labels, as well as accessories (such as spare laces) if applicable. They may have slight imperfections or flaws from manufacturing such as excess glue. The sneakers may also be unlaced, or the box may have minor dents and rips. Deadstock/New sneakers may also have yellowing and structural decay such as cracks.

What’s Considered Used?

A sneaker is considered ‘used’ if it is not in perfect condition as it came from retail. If it is worn, has bad manufacturing defects, missing items, damaged or missing shoe box and so on it is considered used. It may have natural aging signs on the shoe such as yellowing or cracking and still be considered new/deadstock

How to Make your Listing “Buy Now” Only

Our platform utilises auctions to allow our users to sell with flexibility. Auctions allow for a starting bid to be set, and a buy now, with bid increments as well. This allows flexibility for both buying and selling to ultimately satisfy both parties. If you choose to make your listing a ‘buy now’ only, then simply set the starting bid price at the same price as the buy now price at which you wish to sell your sneakers for. 

Can I Cancel My Sale?

HypeXchange does not own any of the items on the site, we are solely a platform and service for buying and selling sneakers; meaning when someone buys your item a contract has been formed and you cannot cancel or redact your sale. If you have any problems or issues please contact us at https://hypexchange.com.au/contact-us/ and we will attempt to resolve them swiftly. Cancellations of sales will subsequently harm your user profile and HypeXchange may deem it necessary to suspend your account as a result.

How Do I Ship the Items I Have Sold?

Please view https://hypexchange.com.au/seller-instructions/ for instructions on how to ship your items.

Where Do I Send My Item?

You must ship your items to HypeXchange for authentication and processing of the sale. The address to send your item(s) to for authentication is contained within your order invoice email, please refer to this document for shipping details. 

Accidentally Sending the Wrong Item/Orders

Please employ additional attention in ensuring all the required items are included within your order when dispatching, as well as ensuring no incorrect items are included in the order you ship. Unrelated items that you wish to retrieve may be returned at your expense by contacting us at https://hypexchange.com.au/contact-us/; however, we are not liable for any items that you send to us that are not within the order or any relevant shipping fees.

Why Was My Account Suspended?

Your account may be suspended due to actions as either a seller or buyer. We may suspend an account if in our sole discretion we believe it to be necessary, for actions such as: (i) selling inauthentic items; (ii) sending an order not to specifications of the sale; (iii) not sending an item to us within the specified timeframe; (iv) not paying the winning bid amount within 48 hours of auction conclusion; or other reasons we deem necessary and just. If you feel as though your account has been suspended by mistake or unfairly, please contact us at https://hypexchange.com.au/contact-us/. 

My Item Has Sold, When Will I Get My Money?

Congratulations on selling your item with HypeXchange, you will receive the final sale price minus a 10% commission for sale and processing. Subsequent funds will be transferred to your provided account once the order has been processed through HypeXchange and dispatched to the buyer. Please ensure you have correctly entered your bank transfer details for seamless payments following finalised sales. Refer below on how to enter bank details.

How To Enter My Bank Details

First login to your account, then click on the profile drop down and select ‘Bank Details’. Please proceed to fill in the required fields, making sure you accurately complete this information. It is very important that the information you provide is correct, to avoid problems in transferring your sale earnings. HypeXchange is not liable for you incorrectly filling in your bank details. If you incorrectly fill in the bank transfer details, please select the ‘request bank update’ button and proceed to complete the form to rectify incorrect details.

How To Delete Your Account

If you unfortunately wish to terminate your HypeXchange account, you may dissolve your account by contacting us and requesting it to be deleted in writing via our email at support@hypexchange.com.au 

Buyer FAQ

Authentication & Legitimacy

At HypeXchange we make the process of listing sneakers as easy as possible, with any Australian resident being able to become a seller without all the tedious forms and hassle; however, our efficient and robust process doesn’t compromise the authenticity and legitimacy of sneakers processed using our service. We have an experienced and trained team of authenticators who ensure every sneaker that goes through our platform is legitimate. Our team at HypeXchange implements a strict procedure and applies appropriate time and care to analyse all aspects of the sneakers, box and accessories so you receive an authentic pair of sneakers.

If you believe we have allowed an inauthentic sneaker, or sneaker not matching its description to be transmitted to you, then please contact ushttps://hypexchange.com.au/contact-us/) and we will analyse your claim and if they are indeed fake then you will receive a full refund.

Disclaimer: please note we are not liable for discolouration or decay in quality associated with ageing. Older sneakers may turn slightly yellow (especially white or translucent material), as well as become structurally weaker and less durable and should be worn at your own risk.

A look into our authentication process

  1. Firstly, we inspect the shoe box for damage and ensure the box provided the original and authentic, also ensuring the shoes match the labelled size.
  2. We then analyse and authenticate the shoes:
    • Overall inspecting the shoe using appropriate apparatus, analysing the shape, size, composition, material and quality.
    • We subsequently examine the shoes more closely, inspecting the size tag, stitching, insole, glue, patterns and all other relevant details that will aid authentication.
    • We also implement various techniques other than visual authentication and comparison, such as high accuracy weighing, testing for unusual scents such as glue or previous contamination, and ultraviolet light for unusual and inauthentic glue.
  3. If everything matches the sale specifications and is authentic, we will double-box ship your shoes straight to you!

Can I Cancel My Order?

HypeXchange does not own any of the items on the site, we are a platform and service for selling and buying sneakers, meaning we cannot refund you for incorrect or change of mind orders. If there is a problem or concern regarding authenticity or not to specification orders then please feel free to contact us at https://hypexchange.com.au/contact-us/ and we will quickly attempt to resolve these issues.

How To Place An Order

You may locate the shoes you’re looking for by using either the search bar, the ‘featured’ or ‘new arrivals’ on the home page, or by selecting ‘feed’ in the top right corner of the website and applying relevant filters. From here, you may either opt to bid on an item or buy it straight away using the ‘buy now’ button. Using the buy now button to purchase an item will send it to the cart where you may either choose to add other items to your order or simply checkout with the selected item. From the checkout you must complete your billing/shipping details, select your payment method and place your order.

Alternatively, if you bid on an item rather than ‘buy now’ and you are the winning bid at auction’s appointed conclusion, this means you have won the item and are obligated to pay for the item. You have 48 hours to pay for your item, which will be added to the cart with the using the same process described for the ‘buy now’ cart.

Payment Methods

HypeXchange accepts stripe (VISA, AMERICAN EXPRESS, Mastercard) and PayPal.

How Do I Know My Items Are Authentic?

All items and orders through HypeXchange are processed and authenticated to ensure your order is congruent to the sale specifications and expectations. As previously stated, HypeXchange implements a strict and meticulous process for authenticating sneakers with tools and experience, providing a reputable and seamless service to ensure satisfaction for all parties.

If we deem an item that a buyer has purchased to be inauthentic, then we will notify both the buyer and seller and provide a full refund to you as the buyer and take necessary actions against the seller in line with our Terms and Conditions.

If you believe an item you have received is fake or not to the specifications of the sale, then please contact us at https://hypexchange.com.au/contact-us/ and we will do everything we can to resolve such issues.

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