HypeXchange is an Australian sneaker marketplace, offering an online platform for buyers and sellers to transact sneakers from their mobile device or at home. Users can easily create accounts with no application process, and start selling or buying sneakers within minutes.

To ensure everyone is always happy, we authenticate and process all items sold on our site to ensure they are authentic and to the specifications of the sale. As the service is Australian only, this means lower appraisal and shipping fees for buyers and sellers, along with shorter authentication and processing times, meaning you receive your sneakers quicker!


  1. The tiring process of inputting the information for the sneaker you’re trying to sell has been eliminated, as we have pre-filled all sneaker information. Simply select the shoe you’re selling and choose your prices. Note: if you can’t find the sneaker you’re trying to sell please use the “request sneaker” button and we will add it.

  2. Sell new or used shoes, if selling used shoes simply take pictures of the shoes as shown in our template and fill in the required information such as missing items and so on.

  3. HypeXchange operates on an auction system, which allows flexibility in how you sell. Choose a starting bid price, and a “buy now” price where buyers can purchase your item immediately. If you don’t wish for buyers to bid and only be able to “buy now”, simply set the starting bid price at the same “buy now” price you wish to sell the sneakers for.

  4. List a “buy now” price which you’re happy to sell your sneakers for. When a bid meets this reserve price, or someone wishes to buy now for your price, a sale will occur. Alternatively, you can sell immediately to the highest bid.

  5. Once an item sells, follow our Selling Process instructions (link*), ship within 2 business days.

  6. We authenticate and process the sneakers, then ship to the buyer and approve the transaction. Once we process and send the order to the buyer, we release your earnings minus our 10% fee.


  1. Search for a specific shoe using our search bar, or use our ‘feed’ and apply filters to refine and explore what you may be looking for.

  2. Buy with flexibility by either immediately purchasing a sneaker using the “buy now” function, or alternatively place a bid on your desired sneaker. Unlike other sneaker marketplace platforms HypeXchange allows you to add multiple items to your cart and pay the buy now price on each item to purchase more than one pair in one transaction.

  3. Once a sale occurs the seller ships to us within 2 days, we authenticate and process the sneakers, and ship to you.


Each sneaker sold on HypeXchange is authenticated and given a unique authentication code, which is on the authentication card inside the shoebox of your order when you receive it. Use this code as verification of the sneaker being authentic, by searching it in our “authenticate” database on our website.

The statistics and details of each sale and purchase are saved in your profile so you can track earnings and purchases.

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