Seller Instructions

Seller Instructions

Sneakers MUST be sent to HypeXchange from the seller within 2 business days of sale

Australia Post is the preferred postal company for quicker and easier processing.

  1. Print your order invoice from either the sale email (“New Customer Order”), or from Profile > Shoes Sold > Invoice and print.
  2. Place the printed invoice inside the shoe box of the item being sold.
  3. Check the shoebox of the item being sold has all the required items within that are required by the specifications of the sale (both shoes, laces, tags etc).
  4. Place shoebox into bigger and sufficiently sized box (around 1 inch space between boxes). If more than one item has sold at one time and you choose to use one box, please ensure the shoeboxes are separated so that they do not rub and cause damage. If re-using postage box please remove previous labels and stickers etc.
  5. Bubble wrap/shipping paper to ensure item is secure if required to ensure your item and the box isn’t damaged in transit.
  6. Properly tape and secure shipping box. Note: use packing tape, not masking tape or duct tape etc.
  7. Fill in the shipping details on the postage box, which are in the sale email, ready to send to HypeXchange.

Do Not:

  • Tape shipping label directly to shoe box.
  • Use shipping box that is too small as it will allow the shoe box to be more easily damage and could result in a rejection of sale.
  • Send shoebox in postage envelope as shoe box can be more easily damage and could result in a rejection of sale.
  • Ship sneakers without original box or associated extras (such as laces) unless explicitly stated they are missing at time of sale. If this is the case, then please sell your item as used and detail what is missing through the selling form.


  • HypeXchange is not liable for any lost, missing or damaged items sent to us.
  • We are not responsible for items not packaged properly or associated transit damage to HypeXchange.
  • Only ship within Australia.
  • Only 1 shipping method, no express.

Why do I have to send my items to HypeXchange?

An integral part of HypeXchange and our platform/service is authentication of every item that is processed through our site. This ensures Buyers receive exactly what they ordered, to the exact specifications of the sale and the item they receive is in fact authentic. For this to occur, Sellers are required to send their sold items to HypeXchange for processing and authentication, as outlined in the sale confirmation email sent to Sellers in the event of their item(s) being purchased. You must package and send the item(s) required as per our shipping guidelines and associated FAQ’s.

Once the sale item(s) have been authenticated by our experienced and knowledgeable team, it will be re-packaged, processed and sent to the Buyer. At this point the Seller will be paid their respective earnings from the sale, which is the sale price minus our 7% appraisal fee, for the use of Service to complete the sale.

What happens if my items are found to be fake?

If items are sent to HypeXchange that are found to be inauthentic or not to the specification of the sale ,in our sole and reasonable discretion, the buyer will either be refunded the full amount they paid, or ideally we will find another Seller to fulfil their purchase. In terms of actions for the Seller who didn’t meet the requirements of the sale, they will have the option to either have the items sent back to them at their cost or have the items disposed of by us. If the Seller chooses to have the item(s) sent back to them, an invoice will be sent by email to them. If the Seller does not respond within 14 business days of receiving the notice stating the items are inauthentic or not to specifications, or they do not pay the shipping invoice, then we will dispose of the items at our reasonable discretion.

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